::Kristen Marie Photography::

Kate+Richard :: preview

Expect their wedding on this here blog reaaal soon.



Seattle LDS Temple

Bellevue, WA




Andy+Julie take on Bainbridge Island.



Love you guys. Thanks for the splendid afternoon.


We tackled Bainbridge, Island near Seattle, WA









Oh my! It is about time I posted these images! Maren and Jeremy


were married in December. I am still amazed that we had such


beautiful weather- I did not get my hopes up high for a sunset,


but we got one! It truly was an amazing day. I will tell Maren and


Jeremy time and time again that witnessing their love and the day


their souls were sealed was truly an honor. I hope you can at least


see an ounce of their selfless, silly, humbled love in these photos. :)


Congratulations, you two!



Thanks Jessica Feely for 2nd shooting!


Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club

Issaquah, WA




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