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What could I possibly say about Susie and John that their friends and family haven't already? How about the


fact that they're beautiful, charming, easy going, joyous and they hold a contagious, uplifting energy... Then


again, I'm sure that's all been repeated before.This was quite possibly the most intimate, stress-free, no


sweat event I've ever attended. An elopement. You can just sigh that word out. I met Susie and John out at


Alderbook in Union. The drive was bright, scenic and I enjoyed every minute of it with my windows down. I


pulled into the Alderbook Resort with a smile because I knew this wedding would be different. Susie and John


and their two witnesses met in the lobby for a few moments. They shared travel stories, memories, absolute


excitement and a lot of laughs before heading up to the room for a quick change before the ceremony.



I keep thinking of words to really describe this couple in their purest form. And I'm fighting to recall the


perfect vocabulary. All I can say is that they were a laughing, magnetic couple. After the ceremony we went


and sat down for dinner in the restaurant and as we all got situated I heard John squeal (but a whispered


squeal) "we're married!!!". For 3 hours we listened to their love story. How they met, how he wooed her (in


the fourth grade), how she wooed him (30 years later).  We listened as they corrected each others' stories,


filled in gaps, recalled embarrassing moments, and played out hysterical situations. It was truly an honor to


listen in on. 



John and Susie, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this wonderful day. It really was a blessing.





Edited to add that I'm the next to get married :


Alderbook Resort


Union, WA




Susie+John:: preview

Alderbrook Resort


Union, WA



Oh, Jill and Trevor... What a darling couple. From his charming smile to her captivating eyes, they make one


good looking pair! We met at Golden Gardens Park out in Ballard close to sunset and walked around as we


chatted about how they met and TV shows we're all caught up on. I asked Jill if she would be up for sharing


in her words how she and Trevor met and I loved how she put that writing about love is like dancing about


architecture. You just can't explain with the human language!



"Trevor and I met nearly five years ago teaching swim lessons.  Unlike most fairy tale romances, Trevor and


I were friends for a long time before we realized our love for each other. The more time we spent together


the more we realized how meant-to-be we are.  We are different in so many ways, but our fundamental


beliefs are completely in line with one another. Each day is a new, exciting adventure filled with endless love


and laughter. Our engagement has been the best time of our lives and, although we didn't start out like a


fairytale, we can't wait for the next chapter and our fairytale ending. "




Amen. They were such a fun couple, but you can see they enjoyed those close moments together. Thanks


Trevor and Jill!



Also, I would like Jill's Anthropologie necklace for myself. And her Hunter boots. Thanks.



And we'll go ahead and end with Trevor and Jill's best modeling pose :) .


Golden Gardens Park


Ballard, WA




Also! March has been an amazing month. I can't tell you how surreal it is to see my work on sites


other than my blog!


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